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Aoki Shave Ice Moves Across the Street

Loyal Aoki Shave Ice customers will be happy to know that the North Shore shop won’t be melting into history after all. The business plans to continue where it left off – right across the street from its current location.

Customers can continue to enjoy the flavorful treat at Aoki’s recently-opened country store called “Aoki’s North Shore Trading Co.” They sell clothes, jewelry, souvenirs. Ironically, it is also across the street from a big-time shave ice competitor – Matsumoto’s Shave Ice.

Although set to close, the faded red building of Aoki’s current location has still been bustling with business. A long line of thirsty customers trailed out the door of Aoki Shave Ice this weekend, while others sat in the heat of another humid Sunday, slurping up their icey treat. It was almost hard to tell that this longtime shave ice shop would soon be closing its doors.

It’s a great example of how far customer loyalty goes for any businesses – till the very end. I’m sure in a few months, we’ll be seeing those same customers doing the same thing – just instead, it’ll be across the street. A bitter-sweet ending for Aoki’s that turned out to be happier than sad.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 7, 2013