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Cinco de Mayo Fest in the Islands

Can you hear the Caribbean beats yet?

It’s that time of year when Latin America meets the islands for Cinco de Mayo. Hawaii celebrates with a huge street festival in Downtown Chinatown, complete with bright, bold colors, African drums and horchatas. The festival encompasses the Hispanic vibe in more ways than one.

With Hawaii’s apparent persity, it’s no wonder Cinco de Mayo’s such a big deal in the islands. The festivities bring awareness to the more than 120,000 Hispanics that make up Oahu’s population alone, according to the event’s website. They come from 22 nations and get to show off their dance moves and cooking skills for this festival.

My mouth’s already watering for the spread of ethnic eats – from tamales to pasteles to chicken mole and green rice. Most people go straight to the lunch-wagon eateries; otherwise, the local Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban restaurants in Downtown offer seasonal specialties. Make sure to save room for dessert, though, because the French crepes and cheesecakes are definitely worth the extra calories.

There’s plenty of reason to celebrate every fifth of May. It’s not only Cinco de Mayo but Children’s Day and Boy’s Day as well. All are popular Hawaii holidays, so take your pick and enjoy this special day in May with family and friends.


• Intersection of Hotel Street and Nuuanu Avenue in Downtown Honolulu • Live music 6-10pm, music, dance, food • www.cincodemayo.com

Photo Courtesy: Cinco de Mayo Street Festival Facebook

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 4, 2013