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Lend a Hand in Hawaii With Travel2Change

When you think of Hawaii, swaying palms and ocean breezes come to mind. The thought of your toes buried deep in the sand sends an instant wave of warmth throughout your body. But how about giving even deeper meaning to your Hawaii vacation?

There’s a nonprofit that hopes to do just that for visitors. Yet another opportunity of voluntourism, Travel2Change aims to turn trips to the islands into ones that make a meaningful impact on the community through volunteer efforts. Travel2Change connects travelers and locals who want to lend a hand in the community, by cleaning up public parks or preserving native plants, for instance.

“While tourism is the largest industry in Hawaii, not all travel benefits local communities,” says Doris of Travel2Change. “Travel2Change inspires travelers to share their passion and travel with a purpose. Local hosts are enabled to raise awareness about their problems and get travelers’ support.”

While Hawaii is the nonprofit’s latest challenge, Travel2Change spans across oceans and continents. So far, members have put more than 100 voluntourism ideas into action from Kenya to Sri Lanka. Now, it’s Hawaii’s turn.

Hawaii could definitely use help when it comes to preserving not only the beauty of the islands but the limited resources as well. Those picturesque images of paradise could soon become distant memories – if we don’t start taking action now. I applaud the efforts put forth by Travel2Change and look forward to hearing about all the positive things they’ll do for our island community.

Photos Courtesy: Travel2Change


• For more info and to donate, www.travel2change.org

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 1, 2013