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Facebook Zuckerberg LIKES Kauai

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “likes” several Kauai businesses, giving his unofficial stamp of approval while on vacation with his wife.

The couple has been spotted strolling through Hanalei, according to several national websites. One of their first stops included the world-famous Kauai burger joint Bubba Burger Hanalei. The business serves up more than burgers and fries but a piece of Kauai’s history as well. Bubba’s has been in Hanalei since the 1930s.

I love that while there’s no doubt this power couple can afford fancy dining and luxurious resorts, they choose to vacation low-key instead. National websites show the couple eating burgers with friends under a shaded picnic table. They stroll through the town in shorts and sandals before heading to a beach house also in Hanalei.

Another photo shows the couple in front of the famed Shave Ice Paradise, which is yet another popular Hanalei business. In addition to the refreshingly tasty shave ice, they serve mac nut milkshakes and fruit smoothies.

It appears that celebs and other notable figures love to eat shave ice when in Hawaii. Take President Barack Obama, for intense; he’s been seen indulging in shave ice at Kokonuts in Koko Marina Center and Island Snow in Kailua. Who could blame them? There’s nothing more refreshing than a scoop of flavored shave ice. Well, except for maybe the ocean.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 29, 2013