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Dinos, Pirates and Godzilla in Hawaii

As Hawaii embarks upon its 100th anniversary of filmmaking, four movies will be rolling into the picture. Jurassic Park 4, Godzilla, Deep Tiki and a fifth installment in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean are the latest Hollywood movies planning to film in Hawaii, according to a Pacific Business News report.

This means more revenue for the state, and for visitors, it means more opportunities to see Hollywood stars roaming the islands, like Johnny Depp or Emma Stone. Jurassic Park and Godzilla will be filming on Oahu and Kauai, according to the report. Both films are set to hit the big screen sometime next year.

Hawaii’s vast beauty and warm weather continue to make the state a hotspot in the film industry. Movie makers from around the world travel to the islands in search of the perfect locale to shoot. The island’s film industry has always been a win-win circumstance; movie makers get the shot, while the state gets increased revenues and additional jobs to add to the economy pot.

Even after film crews have packed up and left, the state oftentimes continues to bring in the bucks. Remember that stampeding dinosaur scene in the first Jurassic Park? Visitors can relive that scene when going to Kualoa Ranch. There’s a movie tour available that features film locations for some of the top blockbuster films.

On the small screen, Hawaii has been featured on several hit television series, such as Lost and Magnum PI. Of course, there is also Hawaii Five-0, which just renewed for a fourth season coming this fall 2013.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 28, 2013