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Sprucing Up Honolulu International Airport

There will be even more changes flying into the Honolulu International Airport. The state will be sprucing up its departure lobbies, according to a Hawaii News Now report, which are dilapidated and very old; not to mention embarrassing.

Travelers might have already noticed the termite-rot areas near the old Japan Airlines check-in counter. Or how about those big ‘ole holes on the ground? Some almost a foot long; no joke.

And if I recall correctly, it’s been this way for many years, maybe decades. Not sure how the state let the airport get this bad. For visitors of any place, the airport is like a gateway to their vacation destination, so when they see the poor conditions at the Honolulu International Airport, they must cringe a little.

According to the report, renovations will follow an island-inspired design. Visitors will be welcomed with a blue ocean wave made of cast glass and new check-in pods with a lava-volcano motif. And going with the saying, “from the mountains to the sea,” there will also be a green tropical forest motif in the mix.

This is great investment by the state and great news for our tourism economy. Soon, visitors will no longer be welcomed by termite damage and dingy conditions. Instead, they’ll be welcomed with a beautiful transformation – leaving them with a good first impression of the islands.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 26, 2013