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University Performances Bring Music to Your Ears

Nightlife in Hawaii can sometimes get monotonous, and you may be thinking that you’ve already done everything there is to do in the islands. There’s always Waikiki to fall back on, with its restaurants, shops, bars and clubs, but you did that the other nights and want something new; something fresh. Same goes for Ala Moana and Chinatown.

If you’re itching to stray away from the typical island nightlife, look in the direction of the local universities or community colleges. Most offer brilliant entertainment, workshops and classes – all for an affordable price.

For instance, my sister’s boyfriend, Noa, performed with his Jazz Ensemble class at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Family and friends filled the music hall theater, but anybody from the community could attend. This performance was part of the class final; however, it reached beyond what I had expected. They were as good (if not better) than the pros! So good, in fact, that they have been performing throughout the community this semester at local jazz venues.

You’ll be pleased to know that many other classes at the universities and community colleges offer similar awe-inspiring experiences. In addition to jazz, classes like piano, guitar, hula and opera showcase their talents with public performances.

Consider exploring the different shows, like the jazz one, and you won’t be let down. It will literally bring music to your ears.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 24, 2013