The Bikini Bod

Maybe you didn’t have the time to hit the gym before your vacation. Prepping and packing can be kind of stressful. Not to worry, there are still ways to work on that “bikini bod” – even when you get to Hawaii. And it’s all thanks to the ever-encouraging weather and endless options for physical exertion.

Hiking, surfing, swimming and even window shopping qualify as calorie-burning activities. Want to learn how to dance the hula? That burns calories, too! But it’s likely that particular benefit won’t come to mind until much later. That’s because you’ll be having too much fun! You’ll probably notice it right before bed, as your muscles start to ache.

But what the heck is a bikini bod, anyway? I’d say it’s any body that you’re comfortable with. Doesn’t have be a super-skinny or super-cut one. If you feel good about yourself, then that’s all that really matters because Hawaii beaches don’t discriminate!

It’s also nice that almost every form of physical activity in Hawaii is free and outdoors or in nature. There may even be some free fitness classes offered at your hotel. You’ll not only get those endorphins going but you’ll get to breathe in fresh island air as well. And forget about gearing up in layers; the warm weather allows you to wear the minimal amount of clothing…like that new bikini you just got.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher