Small Knives Not Allowed on Planes…Yet

Flight attendants, passengers and pretty much the entire airline community are breathing a sigh of relief after the rule allowing small knives on planes was delayed.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stopped the controversial policy just a few days before it was set to take effect. TSA officials said in a statement that they wanted to consider additional input from a federal advisory committee before activating the new regulation.

Although there was no mention of whether the terrorist bombings in Boston had any part in the decision, TSA did the right thing. Well, they’re doing what they should have done before the official announcement came in March, which is to get input from those in the airline industry, including, us, passengers. There should definitely be a formal rule-making process should the agency want to make any more changes in the future.

The policy would allow small knives, with blades up to 2.36 inches, on flights, as well as sports equipment. But lets not forget that Sept. 11 terrorists were armed with box cutters during the plane hijacking. Imagine what horror small knives could bring to the picture.

Thankfully, the policy has been postponed for now. I’m hoping it doesn’t take effect at all because there’s really just no need for a knife when flying. Apparently, flight attendants and pilots felt the same way. Some protested outside of the Los Angeles International Airport to reverse TSA policy about knives.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher