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Longer Waits at Honolulu Airport Security

Prepare to wait longer and walk farther when going through security at the Honolulu International Airport’s main terminal. Federal budget cuts brought on by sequestration forced two of the four Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints to close. Inter-island checkpoints have not been affected.

As you can imagine, those two security checkpoints get jam-packed with travelers, while at the same time, TSA screeners are pressured to do an efficient – yet swift – job. Prior to the changes, I usually wait about 10 to 15 minutes at any given checkpoint. I’m sure the wait time will now be doubled. I’ve been told that one closed checkpoint was near the Delta check-in counter.

Travelers will also be forced to walk farther to get to remaining checkpoints. According to news reports, international flight crews are also among those walking longer distances.

There’s not much travelers can do about the changes but to make an effort to plan ahead. Arrive at the airport earlier and allot for time to go through these security checkpoints. Be prepared to wait. Bring a book and bring some patience because it doesn’t look like this policy is going anywhere, anytime soon.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 16, 2013