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Live Jazz at Lewer’s Lounge

Lewer’s Lounge is an elegant shift from the touristy persona that is Waikiki. The evening chic venue takes guests back in time, to an era when jazz and romance mingled beneath a moonlit night. An era captivated by a sophisticated – yet charming – ambiance found almost nowhere else on the island.

Lewer’s Lounge, located in Halekulani, offers live jazz music every night of the week. We were enchanted by the smoky voice of longtime jazz vocalist and pianist Maggie Herron. She teams up with the multitalented Rocky Holmes on the sax, flute and clarinet. Together, they’re like the fine wine served to guests, flowing smoothly through your soul.

In addition to wines, Lewer’s Lounge features contemporary and classic cocktails, like the Sunset Martini I sipped on throughout the night. A soothing blend of fruity concoctions, topped off with a tropical flower that gave it that high-class oomph felt throughout the swanky lounge.

The warmly-lit venue makes for a great spot to get early evening or after-dinner drinks with friends. Maybe even a romantic date spot, too. I like that the live entertainment isn’t absurdly loud, like some places that force their guests to shout all night. I also enjoyed sinking into those comfy, velvet couches while being consumed by jazz.

With fancy music and fancy drinks comes fancy attire. Lewer’s Lounge is a reason to pack that nice, sparkly dress and high heels or collared shirt, for the guys. The venue has a strict dress code for guests that includes evening attire for the ladies and covered shoes, dress shirt and pants for the gentlemen. As you can see, it’s a big step up from the typical Waikiki bar you might stumbled upon while on vacation.

LEWER’S LOUNGE • Halekulani, 2199 Kalia Rd., Honolulu, HI 96815 • Opens: Mon-Sun 730pm-1am • Dress code: Evening attire for women; covered shoes and collared shirts for guys • 808-923-2311 • Validated parking available

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 16, 2013