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Hawaii Vacation, Repeat

Don’t give into that dead-end attitude of, “Been there, done that,” while on vacation. Because no matter where you travel, you’re going to come across some repeats. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, especially in Hawaii, where adventures from the mountains to the sea awaits those who know where to look.

Take hiking, for instance. No hike in Hawaii will ever be quite the same as the last. Many times, I will hike a trail 10 times over – each time realizing something different. A native plant hidden beneath a waterfall or a spectral sunset missed by the previous morning hike.

Even an ocean experience will be new memories made and never forgotten. Depending on the time of day, a beach can do a complete 180. There may be a surprise visit by a pod of dolphins or even a lazy seal on the sand coming to bask in the sun. Lets not forget the long list of things for humans to do at the beach. Whether it’s basking yourself or kayaking to a nearby island – the options are endless.

The different people you meet will also be endless, hence, a new and exciting experience each time around. Your new-found friend could be from right here in the heart of the islands or from a far-off place, like Germany. Hawaii has such a unique blend of people and culture that it’s a culture of its own, so no matter where you go and what you do, you’re bound to make new memories to last a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Bruce Fisher

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 13, 2013