Kauai Visitors Learn Ocean Safety at Airport

Hawaii’s beaches are not only some of the most beautiful in the world but the most dangers as well. Within the first few months of 2013, 10 people have drowned – most of them tourists.

Shipwrecks Beach on Kauai’s south shore.

That’s why a local filmmaker put together an ocean safety video to be shown to tourists at Kauai’s Lihue Airport. Dickie Chang worked with fire and ocean safety officials to get the most accurate advice for visitors.

The four-minute video (with Japanese subtitles) will run continuously at the baggage claim area, highlighting key ocean safety points. These include the use of rescue tubes and availability of websites that allow visitors to check water conditions. The video also encourages people to go to lifeguarded beaches as opposed to ones without ocean-safety oversight.

The Kauai Beach Guide app is an especially helpful tool for visitors because it provides real-time video of current beach conditions. Look for the color-coded feature, which designates a level of safety for each beach, and make sure to check the “Aloha Info” section. It serves as a mini guide of general information on beaches.

Unfortunately, most visitors are uninformed and misinformed – hence, the recently alarming rate of accidents and drownings. But with the correct information available to them, it will no doubt save a life.

Videos like the one that will be shown in the Kauai airport will be a positive start toward this goal. Hopefully there will be similar ocean safety videos for all state airports and even hotel rooms. Lawmakers have also been pushing to provide in-flight videos on Hawaii-bound flights. These videos would educate visitors about the fast-changing conditions apparent at most island beaches.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher