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Millionth Visitor for Pacific Aviation Museum

One meeeeelion…visitors to date for the small non-profit museum in Pearl Harbor. The Pacific Aviation Museum has been around for just seven years and already accomplished what most museums its size won’t achieve until 10, maybe 15 years down the line.

The museum at Pearl Harbor got off to a slow but steady start when it first opened its doors to the public in 2006. Today, it has added aircrafts and exhibits, occupying two WWII hangars, and named one of the top 10 aviation-related attractions in the country.

The one-millionth visitor was the Valencia family from Modesto, California. To their surprise, the couple and their two children were showered with gifts ranging from books to aviation gear to a Lifetime Family Membership to the museum. And talk about a party! The family of four was also greeted with a balloon, confetti and cake reception. Even the executive director and museum board president joined in on the celebration.

To visit the museum, take a shuttle from the historic and formal Naval Air Station called Ford Island. Then after watching a short film on the events of Dec. 7, museum-goers get to see authentic WWII-era planes, including an actual Japanese Zero once piloted by former American President George H.W. Bush.

Photo Courtesy: Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 7, 2013