Heidi Klum’s Ocean Rescue in Hawaii

Photos of supermodel Heidi Klum’s ocean rescue in Hawaii have been swirling around the web. She jumped into the ocean, swirling just as rampant, to save her 7-year-old son and his nanny from drowning.

The paparazzi were of course there to capture the terrifying moment. It happened on Oahu’s North Shore at a beach called Papailoa Beach, which is generally a secluded area with no lifeguards on duty. Like many North Shore spots, the shore break can be ruthless – with rip tides powerful enough to suck swimmers out to sea.

The start of Heidi’s Hawaii vacation, which ended with a scare.

That’s almost what happened to the loved ones of this Project Runway host. Thankfully, Heidi was quick to react and jumped in to save them. In media interviews that followed, the model mother warned others about the looming dangers at Hawaii’s beaches. “Never underestimate the power of the ocean,” she says.

And she’s right. The very first thing visitors want to do upon arriving in the islands is to jump in the ocean. It’s this excitement that often overrides all common sense, leading to unfortunate accidents, injuries and even death. The power of the ocean is the last thing you want to experience. It eludes to crashing waves and yanking rip tides.

Please use common sense when going near the ocean. Take 15 to 20 minutes to observe the ocean conditions and visit only those beaches with lifeguards on duty. We may not all be as lucky as Heidi’s son and nanny were.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher