Wine Under the Wings

Wind down with a night of wine and live jazz at the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. The “Wine Under the Wings” event commemorates a particular U.S. air raid on Japan in 1942. While “The Doolittle Raid,” as the operation was called, may not be a familiar event to many, it was very significant to our nation’s history.

Why? Because the successful mission not only boosted American morale but also set into motion a chain of events crippling the Japanese war effort. The Doolittle Raid was the only operation in which U.S. Army Air Force bombers were launched from a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier into combat, according to the museum release.

In addition to celebrating a sliver of American history, the event also recognizes Jazz Appreciation Month. There’ll be live jazz by some of the island’s best; all in honor of a genre of music that’s both historical and living. Hawaii has a growing jazz scene, in which talented musicians find comfort at local clubs and nighttime venues. This event at Pearl Harbor, however, is an extra-special one for jazz lovers.

There’s no better way to enjoy jazz than over a glass of wine. Wines from all over the world will be available for tasting this evening, as well as creative food pairings. Tickets are a bit on the expensive side, but do go toward a good cause. Like most non-profits, the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor depends on support from the community, so show your support by having a glass or two of fine wine and history.

Photo Courtesy: Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

WINE UNDER THE WINGS • Thursday, April 18, 2013 630-830pm • $100 per person • RSVP no later than April 11 by calling 808-441-1004 or e-mailing

Posted by: Bruce Fisher