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Love Avocados? Head to Kona

You ain’t tried an avocado ‘till you’ve tried a Hawaii-grown one!

Thanks to my boyfriend’s Kauai ohana (family), I’ve learned all there is to know about this tasty little fruit. They have a small farm in Omao, where they grow and sell to local eateries and markets. To be totally honest, before visiting their farm, I had no idea there was more than one kind of avocado. Now, I know the difference between the rich and buttery flavor of a Tashima variation to the nutty taste of a Hayley Special. The options for locally-grown avos are endless!

Kauai’s not the only place to get your avo fix, though. The Hawaii Island loves avocados so much that they made a festival out of it. The Avocado Festival happens every spring and has acquired quite the following. Thousands show up to sample the different varieties, purchasing the ones they like from the concurrent farmers market.

Others come for the live entertainment, arts and crafts booths and avocado recipe contest. The contest is pided into an entree, dessert and guacamole category. Festival-goers may also dabble in samplings of these dishes and vote for their favorite. Last year, the crowd loved local resident Gwen Edward’s Avocado Pie. The recipe won first place in the dessert category and the People’s Choice Award.

From an avo pie to an avo cake. A seven-tier cake, that is, made with only three ingredients: avocado, dark chocolate and eggs. Talented Honolulu pastry chef Hector Wong concocted the now-legendary cake for last year’s festival and even shared his secret recipe with a local Big Island newspaper.

It’s wonderful to see people embrace the “from farm to fork” concept in the islands. More and more visitors have been making the local farmers market a must-do on their trips to Hawaii while also being able to enjoy locally-grown ingredients at many restaurants. Even residents are doing their part to Buy Local. All these efforts will surely pay off and allow us to enjoy this place we call Paradise just a little bit longer.

Photo Courtesy: Fern Gavelek Communications

AVOCADO FESTIVAL • Sheraton Kona Resort, 78-128 Ehukai St., Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 • www.avocadofestival.org

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Apr 2, 2013