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South Maui: Sunshine, Shorelines and Golf

Maui is such a large island that it is pided into two parts: Central Maui and South Maui. While Central Maui tends to be more of an urban district of history and shopping, South Maui represents more of a resort side of the island.

Calm waters right off of the Grand Wailea Resort.

Miles of sandy beaches, endless sunshine and world-class golf courses sound almost stereotypical when describing this spectacular southern coast. However, it fits the description to a T.

As the island’s sunniest escapes, South Maui enjoys clear views of several other islands. Lanai, Molokini and Kahoolawe sit off shore, effortlessly mirroring Maui’s beauty from a far. Humpback whales and dolphins frequent the waters between, while native birds fly overhead.

To say that these beaches are beautiful would be an understatement. They’re among the most surreal on the planet because, for miles, it’s nothing but golden sand and rolling blue waves. Each beach is different and has something special to offer. Take Palauea Beach, for instance. The experience of snorkeling and ping through shallow-water caves and crevices is like no other.

Lastly, the golf courses. Wailea is a luxurious resort commonly recognized for its crescent-shaped beaches and world-class golf. At 1,500 acres, this area spans almost three times the size of Waikiki. The Wailea Blue, Wailea Gold and Wailea Emerald courses make up the 54 holes of golf that Wailea’s so famous for.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 29, 2013