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Georgia Tourist Reunited with Lost Hawaii Memories

Memories lost have been found by the owner of a camera gone missing in Hawaii about six years ago. Lindsay Scallan was tracked down after local media in Hawaii aired a story about the camera lost off of Maui waters. Thousands of Facebook shares later, and the Georgia resident would finally be reunited with memories she thought had drifted out to sea.

(Right) Lindsay Scallan is the owner of the camera that went missing off of Maui six years ago.

According to the report by Hawaii News Now, Lindsay had been doing a night pe at Maui’s famous Black Rock when the underwater camera went missing. It ended up floating thousands of miles away in Taiwan, where a China Airlines employee found the barnicle-covered device on the beach.

But instead of emailing her the photos, the airlines wants to fly her out to Taiwan so that she can get it in person. (That’s what you call great marketing). Needless to say, she was blown away by the generous offer and the overnight fame that came with the mystery camera. Other national media have since flocked to her Georgia home for interviews.

Now, Lindsay can make new memories in another part of the Pacific. Hopefully she has another underwater camera because she’ll be in for more world-class ping when she reaches Taiwan. Let’s also hope that she has a wrist strap this time as well!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 28, 2013