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Stylish Hawaii Beach Cover-Ups

Ladies — contrary to what you might see in celeb gossip, coming to Hawaii doesn’t mean you must have a “bikini bod.” Sure, it’d be ideal if we all had trimmed-down figures like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. They show up in tabloids all the time, strutting their stuff along Hawaii’s golden shorelines.

But let’s face it. The average person – like you and me – doesn’t always have time to hit the gym nor do we have personal trainers. Commitment and drive may be hard to come by, too, so don’t let those photos discourage you from hitting the beach.

Look around, and you’ll notice that there aren’t many Miley Cyruses and Rihannas to be found. One of the major pluses of having persity in the islands, I suppose, beaches included.

Still not convinced? Then why not try out some stylish cover-ups? Pareaus, or sarongs, make for very fashionable beach attire. Simply wrap the thin cotton cloth around your waist or upper body. It wears similar to a mini skirt or summer dress. I’ve found some really cute tropical prints at the Aloha Stadium swap meet. Otherwise, you can pick one up from an ABC store or at the mall.

Many boutiques in Hawaii sell beaded or crochet cover-ups. The dresses are decorative – yet simple – and don’t go overboard with sequins and sparkles. Fancy beach wardrobe is not really necessary, like it would be for luxury beach resort areas, like the Bahamas or Cancun.

Bottom line is: Hit the beach even if you didn’t have time to hit the gym. There are ways to still get your tan on – without revealing too much.

Photo Credit (second): Katherine Finch

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 24, 2013