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Lost Camera Drifts from Maui to Taiwan

We’ve all lost something valuable before – whether it be our wallet or our car keys. And despite searching high and low, even retracing our steps, there’s nothing left to do but chuck it up as a loss.

I’m sure that’s what one woman on Maui did when she realized her Canon camera was missing in 2007. Little did she know, however, it would wash ashore a Taiwan beach nearly six years later.

The woman on right is believed to be the owner of the camera that drifted from Maui to Taiwan.

Thanks to a water housing, the camera survived the 6,200-mile voyage across the Pacific. It floated to the east side of Taiwan, where a China Airlines employee scooped up the barnacle-covered item. The airlines has been trying to track down the owner – who was likely a tourist – since February and will provide an open airplane ticket for the person to retrieve the camera.

Amazingly, the photos are still intact. They show memories from a ping trip in Kaanapali. According to Hawaii News Now, China Airlines suspects the woman in blue (above) to be the owner of the camera because she appears in most of the pictures. However, they have yet to confirm this.

I have a good feeling the owner will soon be reunited with these long-lost memories. Through social media, this amazing story has been traveling around cyberspace in an effort to find the camera’s owner. Thankfully, it’s been going at a rate much quicker than the camera’s voyage, and it’ll only be a matter of time before the big reunion.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 24, 2013