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Traveling Solo to Hawaii

Sometimes to truly “find yourself” means getting away from it all – by yourself.

It can be as simple as taking a drive or as bold as taking a trip. While Hawaii may be an ocean away, it’s not too far-fetched of an idea. Sunshine and sand between your toes sounds like the perfectly planned out day for someone looking to get inspired and rejuvenated.

It doesn’t have to be depressing or lonely either; traveling solo can be the most liberating thing you ever do for yourself. Here’s how:

Get Lost.

Whether it’s wandering through a forest or taking a drive around the island, there are so many rewards to getting lost. Best part is that there’s no agenda or time restraints involved. It’s all about exploring a new place – in your own way and on your own terms. Get inspired and get psyched on life again.

Get Pampered.

Most people feel like it’s time to “find themselves” after dealing with a lifestyle of stress back home or feeling overwhelmed and tugged this way and that. Solo trips are all about you, so take care of yourself and treat yourself to a spa day, a massage or even a mani/pedi. If that’s not for you, then think of something else that will make you feel special and worth something again.

Get Active.

Adrenalin will most always bring life to someone not feeling their best. Hawaii has a wide variety of physical activities that will surely get your adrenalin pumping. We’re not only talking about exercise but activities that can be fun for all ages and preferences! Whether it be surfing or kayaking, these activities will allow you to experience the islands in the healthiest way possible (while also working on your tan).

Give Back.

Finding yourself could be as simple as doing a good deed. Many visitors enjoy volunteering during their vacation because it makes them feel good. There are several B&B’s that offer a night’s stay in exchange for assistance in replenishing a native forest, for instance. Walking a dog from a local animal shelter is another option you might consider. It’ll be a nice reminder to stop and “smell the flowers” from time to time.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 18, 2013