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Good News for Hawaii Weddings

Planning your dream Hawaiian wedding?

The good news, for your wallets, is that Hawaii’s not the most expensive place to tie the knot. Manhattan, New York is. An average wedding costs the “happy” couple about $76,680, according to a recent study by TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com.

Hawaii, on the other hand, barely made it to the top 20. At number 19 on the list, an island wedding may cost about $29,600. Still a bit pricey. That could pay for a year of college tuition. But hey, like an investment in education, a legit wedding is an investment worthy of any relationship.

There’s even better news for Hawaiian weddings, though. Much like a bride slimming down for the big day, there are ways to slim down that grand total. The DIYers use creative methods of saving money – by making the wedding favors, center pieces and even the dresses.

Finding a venue can be easy, too, with a multitude of island wedding packages available. Or if you’re hoping to get hitched on the beach, then you’re in luck because for the most part, that’s completely free! Do it your way in Hawaii; a way that you can afford and will remember for years to come.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 13, 2013