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Film Documents Japan Tsunami Debris Washed Ashore

Another year has passed since the deadly 2011 tsunami hit Japan, and places across the Pacific have been starting to notice. A boat, refrigerator, fishing nets and toys are among the debris that’s washed ashore in Hawaii. Washington and Alaska have also been seeing similar debris.

But the big questions remain: Where in Japan did they come from? And did the item’s owner survive that horrible day in Japanese history?

That’s what Canada-based filmmakers have been trying to answer, with a documentary that tells stories behind some of the items washed up on North American shores. While still in the works, “Lost and Found” has so far tracked down three owners but is looking to feature six stories.

The description of the project on its Facebook page is quite empowering; “Our film is about 3 countries, 2 continents, separated by the great vastness of the Pacific Ocean coming together to share in the memories, mourn the losses and find great joy in the reuniting of something once thought to be lost forever but has now been found.”

A little pink-and-purple sandal found in Hawaii may be among the items featured on the film. Thanks to an established network of contributors, the filmmakers have gotten a good idea of what kind of things have been washing ashore. People have been posting pictures to the film’s Facebook page. Filmmakers hope to release the documentary by 2014, marking the third anniversary of the disaster.

Photo Courtesy: “Lost and Found” Facebook Fanpage

“ LOST AND FOUND” DOCUMENTARY • www.facebook.com/lostandfoundthefilm

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 10, 2013