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Life’s a Beach. Cure it With the Sea.

There’s so much truth behind the saying: “The cure for anything is saltwater,” especially when you’re in Hawaii. Surrounded by miles and miles of deep blue ocean, there’s no escaping the therapeutic ways of the surf and the sea.

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and need to clear my mind, I head to the beach. But, for me, it can’t just be any beach. It has to be this specific one, my favorite one, located at the base of Diamond Head crater called Makalei Beach. It’s a tiny pocket beach that’s not usually crowded. Best of all, it’s quiet – which is what I need to really “debrief” in my thoughts.

You may or may not have a favorite beach when you visit Hawaii, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a quiet one. It just has to be a place where you feel the most at ease.

For me, Makalei brings back memories as light as the summery trade-wind breeze and as warm as the setting sun. I’ve been fortunate enough to take in this picturesque view on more times than I can recall. Whether it be surfing right off shore or sitting right on the shore during those very last moments of sunlight; my toes buried in the warmth of the day and my being absorbed in the golden rays – I feel at peace.

Curing your worries or restoring balance doesn’t mean you have to physically be in the ocean. You can be near it, listening to the water as it laps against the shoreline and feeling the light ocean mist as it rejuvenates your soul. Let the sea take you away; let saltwater cure you.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 7, 2013