Walk a Dog on Your Hawaii Vacation

Have you ever considered fostering a pet while on vacation in Hawaii?

It’s become a growing trend for travelers, who make the local animal shelters their first stop after leaving the airport. I have a couple of friends who do it almost every time their in Hawaii. They say it’s a win-win because both get the gift of companionship.

Even if just for a day, visitors can take a dog for a hike or a nice beach walk. Those staying at pet-friendly hotels might even choose to keep them for the weekend. It’s a program very-much welcomed by Hawaii’s overcrowded animal shelters. Workers could sure use the extra hand when it comes to giving these animals the love and attention they deserve.

If you’re not quite comfortable with fostering pets but love animals, then please consider volunteering at a shelter. They’re always looking for a helping hand – whether through foster programs or “voluntourism” ones. It may be as simple as hanging out with a sick or injured animal or even giving them a bath!

I absolutely love this idea of fostering pets while on vacation. It’s a selfless act that will go a long way for these little fur balls. For me, there’s nothing sadder than seeing animals at the shelter pace back and forth in their empty kennels, as they eagerly await adoption. Foster programs give them a chance to get out and be a dog/cat again!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher