Restored Bus Routes for Oahu

Good news for those planning on taking TheBus when visiting Oahu. There’ll be even more routes available to help make your island explorations a breeze.

The routes are actually being restored after getting the axe by Honolulu’s previous mayor. Commuters complained about overcrowding and long waits; tourists were inconvenienced by the fewer number of buses that were headed to Ala Moana Shopping Center and Waikiki.

Oahu’s bus transportation system has become an effective way for tourists when visiting the islands. It’s not only affordable but also very easy to figure out, thanks to an app and frequently updated website ( DaBus app allows riders to find the stop nearest them with just a few taps on their smart phones.

The restored routes will no doubt make riders happy. They’ve been keeping the issue alive by testifying at public meetings throughout last year. Here’s a summary of the proposed route reversals:

March 23, 2013

– Restore weekend and holiday service to every 30 minutes along Route C (Makaha to Kapolei to Ala Moana Center)

– For Route 14 (St. Louis Heights to Waialae Avenue to Maunalani Heights), restore peak-hour service to every 40 minutes.

May 2013

– For Route C, restore weekday service to every 30 minutes

– For Route 55 (Ala Moana Center to Kaneohe to Haleiwa), restore mid-day service to every 45 minutes.

– For Route 5 (Manoa to Ala Moana), restore morning peak-hour service to every 30 minutes.

August 2013

– For Route 13 (Liliha to Waikiki to University of Hawaii), restore service to every 15 minutes.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher