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A Very Ladylike Mochi

The best part about any holiday or tradition is always the food, especially when that particular dish brings good fortune and good health. Sakura mochi falls into such a category for Girls’ Day revelers. It’s a light-pink mochi said to bring happiness and luck to the ladies.

In fact, sakura mochi maintains a ladylike poise of her own – making it almost too pretty to eat. Delicately wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf, the dainty-colored treat has a taste even more delicate. A subtle sweetness and hint of salty perfection tickle the fancies of your taste buds. Sakura definitely knows how to be pretty in pink.

And it’s a speciality that can only be found for a few days during this time of year. Made with sweetened rice and a sweet red bean filling, you can buy it at almost any Japanese confectionary shop or bakery; some Hawaii supermarkets also carry them. But for a guaranteed way to try sakura, head to the local Girls’ Day festivals that take place throughout the islands.

The sweet rice treat coincides with the blossoming of the sakura, or cherry trees, in Japan. Some places may even go as far as shaping the mochi into little pink flowers and serving them with a dainty cherry blossom branch. But no matter the presentation, sakura will remain a Girls’ Day tradition for generations to come.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 2, 2013