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Fireball in Hawaiian Skies

It’s not often you see a fireball shooting through the sky. Many Hawaii residents reported seeing one just weeks before a meteoroid unexpectedly blasted through Russia. The “big white fireball” streaked across the Hawaiian skies for several minutes, surprising those who were up early enough to see it.

The unusual occurrence, however, didn’t alarm local astronomers. According to Hawaii News Now, the fireball could have been the International Space Station. People saw it shooting across the sky for a couple of minutes after 5:30 one morning. It traveled from northeast to southwest and orbited much closer to Earth than usual. This explains its brightness and why we were able to view it with the naked eye that morning.

Most times, you’d have to go to the Mauna Kea Observatory or Bishop Museum’s planetarium to really get a good look at the stars. Another option for stargazing could be from a darkened area on the island with minimal city lights. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to see something that massive with the naked eye.

With the exception of the moon, however. In the past year or so, Hawaii has been lucky enough to see the moon in its various stages – including the blue moon, the red moon and the super moon. Astronomers were able to forecast the exact time and dates of these lunar phenomenons, which gave hopeful stargazers time to plan ahead.

A REDiculous lunar sighting in Hawaii.

The next total lunar eclipse will be in 2014, and if you’re stars align, you’ll be able to enjoy this twilight beauty from Hawaii.

Photo Credit: Noah Myers

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Mar 1, 2013