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Hawaiians Find Snow Around the World

Did you know that Hawaii has a ski club?

While the name may sound like an oxymoron, the Hawaii Ski Club is very much a real thing. The non-profit organization travels the world in search of fresh pow – which goes to show that even Hawaiians love the snow!

Made up of more than 100 members, the club has been organizing winter trips for skiers and snowboarders since 1952. They go to the top-rated snow destinations, including summer skiing in New Zealand. The club’s even shredded pow in Japan and Europe.

The organization used to sponsor group ski trips to the top of Mauna Kea, a volcano on the Big Island that gets snow during the winter; however, because of the small amount of snow cover, skiing and snowboarding on a volcano is “a very ‘iffy’ situation,” according to the club’s website. It’s common for there to be snow in one section and a bald patch of lava rock in the next; hence, leading to massive injuries.

I appreciate the club’s efforts in letting people know the risks of skiing on top of a volcano. There’s a section on their website explaining the dangers in detail. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the dozens of die-hards who – every year – rush to the top as soon as the access road opens up. But hopefully, the club’s warnings have deterred others unfamiliar with the terrain.

Instead, consider checking out Hawaii’s other “island snow.” It’s a wonderful alternative to those rocky downhill rides that can be enjoyed in much warmer weather and in your swimwear, too!

HAWAII SKI CLUB • www.hawaiisnowskiclub.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 28, 2013