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Running with Diamonds

If exercise always ended with a view like this, then I’m not sure how much longer it’d qualify as “exercise.”

I took this picture on a sunset run around Diamond Head Crater. My sister and I were nearing the final stretch, when I just couldn’t help but break from our momentum to get this shot. Truly a picture-perfect pic that couldn’t be missed.

I saw a couple of other runners doing the same. With sweaty hands, they, too, whipped out their smart phones to capture this glorious moment – which makes me wonder if this is the reason why there’s always so many people exercising at the base of the crater.

Just about every evening – rain or shine – you’ll see packs of runners, joggers and walkers crossing paths. They weave in and out of vista onlookers, surfers and beach-goers. By this point, they’re so much in the zone that they don’t even notice the human obstacles.

Even tourists spend their evenings exercising. The Diamond Head route is a couple of miles from Waikiki. Some choose to start their route from right outside of the hotel. It’s mostly flat until the ascension to the lookout; after that, it’s flat the entire way. Piece of cake!

Need motivation? How about using the picture above as a source of inspiration to get moving on your Hawaii vacation? The distance or level of difficulty doesn’t matter much. It’s about getting outside of your hotel room, off of Facebook and enjoying the real beauty of Hawaii.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 27, 2013