Hawaii #beachography

Hash tags have become their own language in today’s tech-savvy world, and there’s no question that while many speak it, even more abuse and overuse it. But there’s one particular tag you can never get too much of. Linked to some of the most beautiful photos on the web, #beachography reveals a side of Hawaii not seen by many.

Gentle morning rays light the way.

Photos of a vast blue ocean and, even more impressive, those glorious underwater shots, get posted to all sorts of social media. Even sea animals make their debut in #beachography pictures, like the honu (sea turtles) and monk seals that bask in the sun.

Together, they’re a refreshing reminder of how simple life can be, as each photo depicts just that: simplicity. There’s nothing complicated about #beachography either, which is exactly how life on the beach (and life in paradise) should be! I’m always impressed with how creative some beachographers get – from the low-sand angles to the ones framed naturally by trees; they never get old.

The gentle tug of a swirling tide pool.

I can imagine that even those living thousands of miles away never tire of #beachography pictures either. Whether they’re set as your computer’s wallpaper or pop up on your Facebook news feeds, you can feel the warmth through each and every pic. Look at it as inspiration to visit the islands, where you can jump to the other side of those pics and relax under the tropical Hawaiian sun.

Photo Credit: @AlohaBruce

Posted by: Bruce Fisher