Maui Chef Falls Flat in “Top Chef” Contest

The island flavors just weren’t enough for the Top Chef judges, who recently booted off Maui’s Sheldon Simeon. He was part of the Bravo show’s tenth season, wowing judges Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck from the start.

When it came down to the finals, however, the 30-year-old chef fell short of impressing them. The challenge was to create a three-course meal for an L.A. restaurant owned by one of the judges. Simeon went head-to-head with California chef Brooke Williamson.

Simeon, who’s the executive chef at Maui’s Star Noodle restaurant, whipped up a sashimi with prawns dish, roasted quail, pine nut puree and garam masala. Dessert included chocolate mousse with apple and fennel. Unfortunately, the judges said his lineup of dishes were muted and far from the usual vibrant flavors he’s known for.

The one great thing that came out of the three-month competition, though, was when Simeon won the “Restaurant Wars” segment. They were tasked with creating a restaurant. He based it off of his grandpa’s Filipino dishes and won $10,000 and a car.

Despite not becoming Top Chef, there’s no doubt that Maui will still welcome him with opened arms. It’s always big news in Hawaii when a local ends up on TV or in Hollywood. And although thousands of miles away, they know they’re always able to count on the unconditional support from the islands.

Photo Courtesy: Bravo TV

Posted by: Bruce Fisher