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Let’s Go, Warriors!

There’ll be no more rainbows for the men’s sports teams at the University of Hawaii. The school axed the “Rainbow” and “Rainbow Warrior” nicknames for the guys and will be using just “Warriors” instead. It’s turning a big page in the history of this century-old institution that prides itself on traditions colored with green, black and white.

Mostly, it’s the fans that will have to get used to the change next time they’re cheering from the stands. With the current mishmash of team nicknames, I could see it getting quite confusing…and embarrassing, if they shout the wrong name!

Right now, four of the seven men’s teams go by Warriors. The basketball, swimming and ping teams go by Rainbow Warriors. And if that’s not enough to remember, the baseball team goes strictly by Rainbows. There’s no real reason for the difference; it just goes back to tradition and which names stuck back then.

Tourists especially love watching university games. I went to a Colorado Buffs basketball game while we were there for Christmas. It’s neat to see how a community comes together. Not to mention, being able to experience a different side of the place you’re visiting and seeing a different side of the locals as well. Families dressed in gold and black; even the tykes had their miniature buffs gear on. I couldn’t have felt more welcomed than there in the stands.

Like Colorado, sports is huge in Hawaii – especially football. I’d recommend going to a game at the Aloha Stadium if you’re in town. Tailgate and hang with the locals, eating some of Hawaii’s favorite foods. When it’s game time, all you’ll need is some green paint and a giant foam shaka, and you’ll fit right in!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 14, 2013