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Top Hawaii Date Spots

Dating’s easy in Hawaii because there are so many ways for lovebirds to find romance. Whether it be flirting in a forest or getting intimate at the beach, even visiting couples can experience true island-style love.

Dates aren’t only limited to the night time either. Hawaii has beautiful weather all day long, with even the rainiest of days considered romantic, so go for a day date, too. Those traveling with kids might want to look into getting a hotel sitter. The service has been expanding to the major islands and can be a welcoming option for frazzled parents in search of some R&R.

Valentine’s, anniversaries or just because, there’s never a shortage for romance in the islands. And if this is one of those “first dates,” then you’ll surely impress your honey with these courting ideas:

Bundle up at Haleakala

There’s something special about that moment the sun peaks out from behind Haleakala Crater. It’s inspirational, rejuvenating…and cold! Wrap yourselves up in a fuzzy blanket for two while sharing a cup of hot cocoa. If that doesn’t warm you up, then perhaps a steamy kiss will!

Say, “I lava you!”

The fiery-red lava flowing from Kilauea Crater will surely send sparks flying at this Big Island date spot. For the full effect, visit the volcano on a clear night, when the stars are at their brightest.

Give her a garden

Forget about getting a flower bouquet. How about treating your date to an entire garden? Allerton and McBryde National Tropical Botanical Gardens on Kauai features nature at its finest – including tropical foliage and a secluded waterfall.

Blow fishy kisses

The Waikiki Aquarium can be the perfect date spot for couples wanting to do something indoors. Relax to the sounds of the sea and get entranced by the underwater world, as it unfolds before your eyes. But most importantly, be sure to seal the date with a fishy kiss of your own.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 13, 2013