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Jake Shimabukuro’s Portable Jukebox

Local ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro is quite the trend setter. He made the ukulele look cool, twice tried to break a world record and most recently, came up with this genius way to share his music – by way of an ukulele USB.

The nifty little device meant to store digital files is now a portable jukebox. It’s filled with his live worldwide performances that users may download to watch again and again, as if they’re actually sitting among the crowd of fellow fans. Jake’s been all over, too – from California to Europe, so take your pick.

The USB is great for those who missed the concert while he was on tour or for those who just couldn’t afford to go in person. Now, they can; through their computer screens, that is.

Shimabukuro fans who did get a chance to watch him, however, say the USB performances are just as great the second time around. It lets uke enthusiasts compare the solo performances to the larger ensemble versions in the studio but mostly, it allows fans to relive these moments in music history at their leisure.

Of course, the little device is appropriately in the shape of a miniature ukulele. It’s got a keychain loop for extra portability, too. How creative and how simple! Yet, it still manages to be an effective way to share the sights and sounds of Hawaiian music with the rest of the world.

JAKE SHIMABUKURO UKULELE USB • $30 at www.shop.jakeshimabukuro.com

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 12, 2013