Hawaiian Gets Snazzy New Airplanes

“Ohana by Hawaiian” could easily pass for the name of a designer line of clothing; except, this line is of custom-designed planes instead. Hawaiian Airlines decided on this name for its new turboprop fleet, set to fly to Molokai and Lanai this summer.

Passengers will be flying the friendly skies in style, too! Well-known Hilo artist Sig Zane and his son Kuhao came up with the traditional kapa print design, which is painted on the exterior of both turboprop aircrafts. The design fits the name of the plane well, too, because it weaves together the concept of ohana (family) through symbols representing transportation and heritage. The carrier is proud to be the first company connecting all islands through flight.

However, the 48-seater aircrafts won’t be the only decorative planes up there. Island Air just upgraded its fleet, as well, which includes a fresher-looking paint scheme and logo for their turboprop planes. This competition – made friendly through art and creativity – is definitely a welcomed one in such a heated market.

Sig Zane couldn’t have been a more perfect artist for Hawaiian’s new airplanes. He’s famous for perpetuating the Hawaiian culture through his artwork and carefully hand cuts each plant and symbol that’s printed on his clothing. Because of how easy it is nowadays to copy a design from the internet, it’s even more admirable that Sig Zane comes up with his own unique designs – while still paying close attention to detail.

Hawaiian Airlines will be joining Island Air and Mokulele Airlines in their service to Lanai. These smaller turboprop planes are necessary for less-populated islands because the airports are just as small. This begs the question of whether such new flights will result in Molokai and Lanai becoming the “new and ideal” vacation destinations for tourists, much like Waikiki and Lahaina are today. We’ll just have to wait and see.