A Second Chance at a Dream Hawaiian Wedding

It’s never too late to get that dream Hawaiian wedding you’ve always wanted. More and more couples have been choosing to renew their vows here in the islands, in tandem with an anniversary trip or a honeymoon getaway. And for good reason, too.

Hawaii’s tropical scenery and warm weather help set the tone for any romantic occasion. The barefoot beach walks and enchanting sunsets can arguably be just as beautiful as marriage itself. And that’s just a small slice of romance in Hawaii. There are tons of options – from a quaint setting at a local botanical garden to a site where you can really say “I Lava You,” next to the ever-flowing Kilauea volcano.

Because you probably already spent a lot on your wedding, it’s not necessary to go overboard when renewing your vows. Look for free vow renewal programs, such as those at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach and the Outrigger Reef. Hawaii Vacations also offers vow renewal packages for a small fee.

Valentine’s Day will also be the perfect time to keep an eye out for affordable vow renewal packages. The Willows restaurant in Honolulu usually offers complimentary renewal ceremonies and promise ceremonies (for couples not married yet) during this time of year. They issue commemorative certificates and as part of the V-Day package, offer a prime rib and lamb dinner ($42.95 per person).

It’s up to you how big or how small you want the ceremony to be, and if you want it to be religious or nondenominational. The ones I’ve been to in Hawaii were very informal and often incorporated a few Hawaiian traditions. You could choose to have a Hawaiian priest renew your vows or have traditional Hawaiian music playing in the background. The couples usually go casual in their attire, too, aloha wear and flip flops are a perfect fit for those beachside weddings!

Photo Courtesy: Cathy Navares

Posted by: Bruce Fisher