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Beach Trash into Treasure

We’ve been telling you a lot about dirty beaches. But how’s this for incentive to keep them clean?

For every piece of trash you find, you’ll get a free shirt. That’s what a booth at the Volcom Pipe Pro contest did during the big event on the North Shore. It sent hoards of people racing down the beach in search of a trash treasures – myself included.

We all came back with bags worth of trash, and as promised, we all got free t- shirts! I asked the workers if they’d been doing this all day. Turns out they’ve been doing it for the past three days of the contest with an estimated 20 bags full of trash. Surf contests sponsors usually give out free stuff at events anyways – hats, wallets, bags – so why not make us do something nice in exchange?

Later that day, I watched a group of tourists hurry past me with their eyes on the sand. They met up with some friends, who each had their hands full with litter. That’s when one guy enthusiastically shouted, “Yeah! Time to get us some freebies!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen people so excited about picking up trash! Awesome. I guess whatever it takes to make us more contentious about the environment, right?

I know since we’ve posted about the littered Hawaii beaches, many of you have been commenting and Tweeting your shared sentiments about trash where they don’t belong; some even promising to limit their carbon footprint while here. Much mahalos and much appreciated! It feels good to do a good deed, but doing a deed that’ll help keep our planet cleaner for everyone is just that much more commendable and worth the extra effort!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 3, 2013