Waikiki DFS Galleria Offers Video Game Fun

Gamers won’t have to be ashamed of their virtual addiction at the Waikiki DFS Galleria. A room just for them recently opened on the second floor of the building. But it’s not about racing cars or playing shoot-em-ups at this arcade. It’s about knowing the Hawaiian Islands and the culture.

The space offers three interactive touch-screen games themed around Hawaii. They switch out daily and are meant to test players’ knowledge of the islands. The more you know, the more daily iQ Hawaii points you’ll get. POP QUIZ: What’s the purple paste-like dish that’s served at luau?

It’s knowing stuff like this, that’ll really get your name on the list of high scores. And what’s a video game without an avatar? Players will get to create their own avatars by taking a picture of themselves with the equipment provided.

With 10 touch-screens, there’s plenty of opportunity for anyone to play – even those who don’t speak English. The games have been set up in four different languages, including English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. This is an especially important feature for this particular Galleria store since it’s the largest one in the world. POP QUIZ: Which Hawaiian Island goes by the nickname, the “Garden Isle?”

For those gamers that like to smack talk, the daily scores will soon be linked up with iQHawaii’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. That way, you’ll see how your scores compared with others from around the world.

The game room at Galleria definitely achieves what many retail stores lack, and that’s customer interaction. Most times, customers walk through the doors with the sole goal of shopping on their minds. They come and go and sometimes never interact with employees or other customers at all. These games will build a camaraderie among the store and most importantly, build a connection between customers that would not be possible otherwise.

For those wondering what the answers to the POP QUIZ questions are: (1) Poi and (2) Kauai.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher