Hawaii Five-0 star Scott Caan said he’s sorry for bashing Hawaii on national television. It was in response to the backlash against him by fans, non-fans and no-longer fans. Caan apologized via e-mail, probably through his publicist, but hey, we’ll take it:

“I am truly sorry for my comments made on Chelsea Lately,’” Caan said in his message. “Jokes are always a part of late night talk shows, but I’m horrified if I hurt or offended anyone, as that was not my intention. I love Hawaii, I love the people of Hawaii and I apologize.”

Scott Caan (second from the right) and the Five-0 crew.

True, late night talk shows can get out of hand, especially with a host as feisty as Chelsea Handler. But I thought jokes were supposed to be funny? I honestly couldn’t figure out if he was joking, which tells me he’s a much better actor than he is a comedian. Of course, he’s not the only celeb to knock Hawaii, but at least their blunt humor is obvious…and mostly funny.

Caan has the right to his opinions, and so do we. We’re not just going to sit here and ignore a topic that obviously means something to the community. Blogs are meant for discussion; they’re meant to start conversations about topics people care about. We always cover Five-0 here – the good (his birthday song), the bad (Five-0’s low ratings) and the ugly. There’s no way of sugarcoating it. Caan offended some people. We wrote about it.

And while we all can’t wait for this Caan drama to fizzle out, it’s ironic that those continuing to fan the flames are those who consider themselves his most passionate fans. They’ll continue to defend Caan, as we’ll continue to defend Hawaii. It’s a natural chain of events that will eventually run its course. Everyone’s said their piece, and Caan apologized. That doesn’t necessarily mean Hawaii’s going to forget what he said, but it does mean it’s time for everyone to move on.


  1. This is why I don’t watch late night talk shows. Chelsea in particular has foot in mouth disease. She is not Johnny Carson, no one is.

    I watched the video on FB and as I suspected she baited and interrupted him constantly. However Scott also has foot in mouth disease as well. He, like his father, if its on their lung its on their tongue. He is also [having witness this in other interviews, ] is a Bit of a flirt and a touch sarcastic too. So? ok, foot in mouth disease, He apologized, we can forgive ,maybe not forget, but at this point in time, Lets move on.

  2. Chelsea didn’t lead him on or bait him. HE SAID WHAT HE FEELS . He has said it many times. And why can’t he feel that way? What is it with Hawaiians; love us or we hate on you? Now the world knows that your so called Ohana is only for Hawaiians or those that kiss your butts. Please read this by a Scott fan who puts things fairly where they belong:


    apparently I’m an asshole…

    … because I moved halfway across the country for work 2½ years ago, but still like home – where I grew up and lived all my life, where most of my friends still live, where most of my relatives live, or close by, where I know the streets and places like the back of my hand, where I know most of the history of the surrounding towns and villages as well, where I know the people, where it FEELS like home – better than my current place of residence and I don’t mind telling people so.

    Those of my co-workers who grew up here obviously don’t agree with me, but that’s their opinion and I respect that, as they do mine. Like the mature adults we are (or pretend to be most of the time in my case :).

    But when you work on a show called Hawaii Five-0 you don’t seem to be allowed to voice your own opinion when it isn’t “Hawaii is the most perfect place on earth and I don’t want to be anywhere else ever again.” or some morons will start a petition to get you removed from the show.

    Not really feeling the ‘Aloha Spirit’ you are accusing Scott of lacking over your narrow-minded xenophobia and general hostility toward him, tbh.

    Thankfully Scott doesn’t really give a f– about this kind of stupid sh–.

  3. Joanjet: Really? Well, in that case, the whole show sucks so just stop watching and let it die. Its ratings stink anyway. Then Hawaii can lose a ton of tourists it gained through H50. Good idea. Scott, Alex, Grace, and DDK can do better in better shows. Let them film elsewhere where people are not so self centered. Or rude. Like you.

  4. IMO, Scott has NOTHING to apologize for. So What! He does not like the Hawaii and he thinks the food sucks! Big deal! What he said did not surprise me, as he has voiced this opinion before, but what did really surpise me was the reaction of some Hawaiians. Their racist remarks and outright hatred voiced all because a tv actor doesn’t like their island and prefers his own home. I really looked forward to visiting Hawaii in the near future, but this episode really opened by eyes. I think I will be spending my money elsewhere.

    BTW, “Joan Jet” and others can slam Scott all they want, but he is clearly a very talented actor and the heart of H50, along with Alex. The show would not survive without him.

  5. Horrible hateful Scott apparently made an incredible gesture toward a stranger and he was gone before she could thank him and she didn’t even know who he was. He paid her tab at an restaurant in Hawaii and left and when she went to pay it she was told that it had been taken care of.

    Her friend made this YT clip explaining it and hoping he will see it so he knows that his good deed was recognized by her friend.

    He didn’t stick around for a photo or for credit. Sometimes the really GREAT people in the world fly under the radar and don’t look for kudos or recognition for their deeds.

    He didn’t do it to impress Hawaii or for PR repair. He did it because that is who he really is. No other explanation.


  6. Wow, I am shocked at Scott Caan. I understand how hard it is to move away from what what you know and are used to. I absolutely love and miss Oahu. I was often confused for being hapa and never felt out of place in Hawaii. It isnt for everyone. The islands call to those who belong. They call to me daily as I am up in Alaska…..its a matter of time before I go home where I am happiest. Scott may not like Hawaii and will leave on his own …..dont hate him for it….he isnt one of us.

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