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Seriously, Scott Caan?

Hawaii’s food does not suck!

The Hawaii Five-0 star bashed the islands on a late-night talk show recently – dissing the food, the surf and the slow-moving people. He’s been filming in Hawaii since the show’s first debut in 2010 and even got a mansion near Diamond Head. But judging by his interview on “Chelsea Lately,” the actor’s not too thrilled about his time in the islands.

Check out what he had to say about Hawaii:

At first I thought he was trying to be funny by saying the exact opposite of what people would expect him to say about “paradise.” Now, I’m not so sure. After watching it a few more times, he seems to truly despise living in the islands.

Sad, because I feel like everyone has been so welcoming to – not only him – but also to the show itself. Filming a television series takes time; it takes space, and when that involves closing a road or a business, it can often become a burden on locals, even tourists. There might be complaints here and there, but for the most part, we just deal. Aloha’s in our spirit.

I’m still confused about his remark on Hawaii’s sucky food. Maybe he had a bad experience or just prefers bland food? But with Hawaii as one of the most perse places on the planet, there’s no question the food will be a tasty conglomeration of every flavor imaginable. You could easily find Thai, Italian, Hawaiian and American eateries on one block. In fact, it becomes more an issue of what to eat than what not to eat.

While I won’t necessarily agree that Malibu is the best wave on the planet, I will admit that Hawaii is “slower.” We do move at a slower pace, because we can! The perfect weather and surrounding outdoor beauty will put anyone in a good mood. I’m never in a rush to go indoors and nor is anyone else, it seems. People pay for this kind of relaxation.

I can understand that this lifestyle’s not for everyone, especially for someone like him, who’s forced to live here. But to diss the culture and the people is uncalled for, and I’m sure he’s lost a lot of fans because of it. Hawaii will still be the same laid-back place – whether Five-0’s in town or not – and the food and surf will continue to be “sucky,” so why not just find another job?

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 26, 2013