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H50 Cameras Roll During Pro Bowl Weekend

The producers of Hawaii Five-0 really know how to entertain their audience this season. First it was the alternate ending episode that gave viewers the power to choose the murderer. Now, during this week’s Pro Bowl events, the cameras will be turned, and it’s the viewers that may end up on the show.

The H50 film crew will be set up throughout events surrounding the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl, as reported by local media. These events include the NFL Pro Bowl Ohana Day at the Aloha Stadium and the Waikiki block party. Ohana Day has practices, interviews with the players and other family activities. There’ll be signs outside of each event, advising attendees that H50 filming will be in progress.

No word yet on which actors will be chasing bad guys through the stadium or which NFL players and cheerleaders will be showing off their acting skills. I wonder if this will distract the all-star players in anyway? As for the retired all-stars – like former NFL players Vince Ferragamo, Jesse Sapolu and David Krieg – they’ll be kicking back, sipping a mai tai and signing autographs at the block party. We broke the news first after Hawaii Aloha Travel booked their vacation to the islands!

While the “Who Dunnit” episode didn’t quite help boost the show’s ratings, perhaps this upcoming one featuring the Pro Bowl will. We don’t know yet on when the episode will air, however. It just makes sense to couple the two together – a popular TV show set in the islands and the islands’ most high-profile professional sporting even. It’s a win-win! Plus, the show’s characters Steve McG and Chinn Ho were both former football all-stars during their high school days at Kukui High School.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 24, 2013