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World Peace Starts in Hawaii

UPDATE: Although they fell short of breaking the record (with 2,100 participants), the energy was high and everyone was there to stand up for world peace.

While there are many symbols representing peace, the most recognizable would be the peace sign ☮. Today, you’ll see the circular symbol slapped onto car bumpers, tatted on bodies and even bejeweled onto footwear. But nothing shares this message of pacifism more than a peace sign made of human peacemakers.

The Aloha State of Hawaii will be rocking this world tomorrow with the world’s largest peace sign. The record-breaking attempt will be in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., who had a dream of world peace, justice and equality. Event organizers will need at least 6,000 people to beat the current unofficial record of 5,814 people, set at the 2008 Ithaca Festival in New York. (It’s unofficial because Guinness World Records have yet to verify the numbers).

This attempt goes hand-in-hand with the 25th anniversary of Oahu’s annual MLK parade. The parade – which runs from Magic Island to Kapiolani Park – will feature a float with a 12-foot peace sign on it. Things will really start to get exciting at the end of the parade, as participants ready themselves for this record-breaking feat.

Locals and visitors are encouraged to show up at the park around 10 a.m. to register before the 11:15 a.m. start time. The official picture will be taken from atop Diamond Head at noon and submitted with the tallied numbers. While it’d be awesome to break the record, organizers say this event is more about having people stand up for world peace. To them, this is meant to be the start of a worldwide movement for peace – inspiring similar events in India, Australia and Brazil.

If you’re free tomorrow, then head down to the park. There’ll be live music and poetry, food and free stuff from vendors – all in the name of peace and aloha.

LARGEST HUMAN PEACE SIGN • Need 6,000 participants to break current record • Tomorrow, 10am to noon at Kapiolani Park •

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 20, 2013