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Star Struck in Hawaii

Let me first preface this by saying, it’s not often you see a celebrity in Hawaii. So when Hawaii Five-0‘s Scott Caan walked past me yesterday, there was no way of stifling that darn girly giggle. Mind you, he was also shirtless and still dripping from a surf sesh. With his board in hand, he looked up and gave us that “Sup” nod (with the quick eyebrow-chin raise, too, hehe).

We had just surfed ourselves, followed by the usual routine of tying up the boards to the car and drying off. Then in my peripheral, I saw someone that looked like the new-age Danno from Five-0. A quick glance confirmed that, yes, it was Danno! Our friend, who doesn’t know a thing about Five-0, had the balls to give him the “Sup” nod back. I stood there, frozen, but also thinking about the blog, “Hmm, it probably wouldn’t be appropriate to spring an interview on him now or snap a quick pic…or would it?”

Sorry to disappoint, but by the time I could finally find my phone for a pic, he had scurried up the stairway to his huge newly-renovated mansion near Diamond Head. But now that I know where he lives…LOL. Nah, I’m not that type of fan. But apparently, I am the type with the girly giggle.

I’m thinking he surfed at a spot called Tongs. A lot of celebs surf there, for some reason. I recall Cameron Diaz getting pushed into waves by boyfriend-at-the-time and pro surfer Kelly Slater. Scott is actually a longtime surfer, who picked up the hobby back home in Cali. His parter-in-crime-fighting, on the other hand, just learned to surf while filming in Hawaii. His girlfriend and her brothers are all former or current pro surfers, so Alex O’Loughlin has a lot of work to do.

Lessons learned from this celeb experience? Have my camera ready next time I’m in the area!!!!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 17, 2013