H50 Fans Decided on Murderer, Ratings Still Low

Who did Hawaii Five-0 fans vote as the murderer in the season finale?

There were two different villains, actually, depending on where you watched it. The East Coast voted on the greedy academic, while the West Coast wanted the college student to be the culprit.

Viewers (except those in Hawaii) casted online ballots during the show, to decide on which character murdered the professor. Once tallied, the appropriate ending was then lined up for its television debut. If West Coast fans were really hardcore, they could’ve watched all three episodes on cbs.com earlier in the day to help make their decision.

While I wasn’t able to watch them beforehand, I did check out all three after the show. I was a bit disappointed to find that there wasn’t much of a difference to each “ending,” other than the culprit, of course. The shots, the dialogue and set up for the jungle shooting scene were all pretty much the same.

And the “ending” ended quickly! After a drawn-out plot involving a murdered professor whose research was discovered by one of the three suspects, the finale wrapped up with the much-anticipated voted ending – all two or three minutes of it.

While Five-0 put a lot of effort into hyping up the “Alternate Ending Vote” campaign, it didn’t seem like much effort was invested into the making of these endings. They were all very predictable, almost formulated to fit into the episode. And even with all that hype, the ratings were still comparably low. Nielsen reported about 9.37 million viewers, as compared to the most recent new episode on Dec. 17, which had 10.54 million viewers.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher