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Hilton Hawaiian More Kid-Friendly

It’s amazing how much the Hilton Hawaiian Village has improved and expanded from when I used to go there as a kid. My best friend and her family always invited me to their annual Hilton staycations, and every year, I’d be in awe at how grand it was – from the bouncy king-size beds to the view of a rippling ocean blanket below. The Hilton was better than any playground I remember!

It’s been several years since I last stayed at the Hilton, but every time I drive by, the hotel seems to be getting bigger and taller every time. Just recently, Hilton revealed its most expensive renovation, which included transforming 800 rooms and adding state-of-the-art elevators.

The $45-million budget also went toward redoing the pool area and expanding it into what is now known “Paradise Pool.” I’m sure my friend and I would have gone crazy there – complete with waterfalls and slides, what kid wouldn’t? Even adults would go crazy there. Club Penguin’s another fun thing for kids; as the enhanced kid club, it includes a new facility in the Diamond Head Tower with computer stations, camp counselors and daily activities.

Like other guests, the Rainbow Tower was our favorite tower to stay in. It was literally a few steps from the beach and offered the best views of the ocean and of Diamond Head. I’d imagine it looks way different now, since the multimillion-dollar renovation also included jazzing up this tower. New carpet, bathrooms, bathtubs and artwork adorn each room. They also went for warmer interior tones that reflected the sun.

I hope to one day go back to the Hilton, even if just for a night staycation. The refurbishments sound amazing and so does that pool area. But it’s not the only hotel that had recently undergone renovations. The Halekulani and Hawaii Prince Hotel both got new-and-improved looks in recent years.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 11, 2013