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Mellow Fellow: Jack Johnson

While there’s so much to say about this mellow music maker, all I really have to say is: Jack, and a sea of screaming girls will do the rest of the talking.

Jack Johnson is a singer-songwriter and surfer from Hawaii who has wooed millions of fans with his dreamy voice for over a decade. He’s the genius who wrote a song about everyone’s favorite breakfast food; not only tantalizing listeners with the wafting aroma of banana pancakes but also with a cozy, cuddle-weather weekend.

Jack Johnson (middle) performing at Republik with fellow folkie brethren, Matt Costa (left).

It’s simple yet catchy ideas, like this, that make Jack’s songs so relatable. A bit out there at times – “bubble toes” and “sexy plexi” come to mind – but no doubt descriptive enough to paint some kind of image to grasp and hold on to, even. He has since released six hit albums and traveled the world to places like New Zealand and Japan. At home, he and his wife started the Kokua Foundation, which supports environmental education in Hawaii schools and communities. The foundation also organizes a huge music event in Honolulu called the Kokua Festival.

Whether humming along on the drive to work or bopping to the beat of “Better Together,” one thing’s for sure, Jack’s loyal following will no doubt sit, wait and wish for that chance to one day meet this dude.

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to sit for too long. I met Jack when my high school club volunteered at one of his concerts. Of course, I was starstruck; what 16-year-old girl wouldn’t be! But for me, it was surreal. I remember falling asleep to his soothing lullabies almost every night, with my sky-blue CD player on repeat. Typical girl, right? There was just something about his voice that made me feel at ease, so the opportunity to meet him seemed to solidify this appreciation I’ve always had for Jack and his music. And while I respect his talent, its Jack’s humbleness that I admire the most.

That’s probably what makes him the most relatable to fans. No matter how many hit songs he records or how famous he gets, he’ll always be the easygoing Jack Johnson. He’s not about the flashy fame one bit but rather, shows up to celebrity events wearing t-shirts, jeans and slippers. It’s this modest and mellow demeanor amidst mountains of musical talent that fans have grown to love and respect.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 9, 2013