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Dolphin YouTube Sensation Gets Named

Remember that baby dolphin’s birth that went viral on the web?

Now she’s got a name: Lehua, which means “beautiful flower” in Hawaiian. Lehua was one of three baby dolphins born recently at Dolphin Quest Hawaii at the Hilton Waikaloa Village resort on the Big Island. Her birth was especially unique because her human companions got it all on film!

That’s how she and her mother became YouTube sensations even before Lehua was a couple hours old. Photos and videos showed up all over the web. I loved how Lehua instantly connects with her mother. The newborn shoots to the surface for her first breath of air and then quickly unites with Mom.

Dolphin Quest Hawaii held a contest to name the newborn dolphins. Officials wanted to monitory them closely during their first months of life before naming the dolphins. Out of the thousands of entries submitted by the public, the winning name came from Kapua Smith of Texas.

No word on what the other two dolphins have been named. I’d like to see Hawaiian names more related to the ocean or even the Big Island, where they were born. Until then, the good news is that they’re happy and healthy little dolphins. Here’s the viral video again, in case you missed it:

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 9, 2013