Jet Setting Fashion Trends

You don’t have to be in Milan to see that fashion trends exist everywhere – even at an airport, where a traveler’s wardrobe is the biggest clue as to where they’re headed. Some dress for comfort – a roll-out-of-bed look that’ll most likely include sweatpants and a pair of Uggs – while others dress to impress. High-fashion leather boots and mink coats will surely keep them warm, as well as at the top of the fashion food chain.

But there are those lucky ones who show off their vacation destination by wearing almost no clothing at all. Forget about scarves and puffy jackets, slippers, tanks and shorts will be all they’ll need during their trip to Hawaii. The warm weather year round makes this possible. Not to mention, it’s what also makes those wonderfully golden tans.

Whenever I’m on a flight to or from Hawaii, I can’t help but smile when I see families walk on wearing aloha shirts. It may seem corny, but ahh, it’s just the cutest thing – especially if they’re wearing matching prints. It’s a telling sign as to how much they enjoyed their time in the islands. Whether they spent it hanging out in a hotel room or surfing Waikiki Beach, you just instantly know they had a blast!

This goes for any trip. They can gab all they want to a neighbor on the plane about the wonders of their vacay or simply wear a certain article of clothing that speaks for itself. “I LOVE NYC” or “I SURVIVED JURASSIC PARK” are a few that come to mind. But in the islands, it’s the aloha shirt that never fails to show just how successful a Hawaiian Vacation turned out to be.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher